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‘Ten-Joh, Ten-Ga, Yui-Ga, Dok-Son.’ (in Japanese: 天上天下唯我独尊/てんじょうてんがゆいがどくそん) are the first words spoken by Buddha in Buddhist philosophy.


Trademark, Copyright 2020, London, UK 


Trademark (Japanese), Copyright 2020, London, UK 

This maxim, which translates to 'In this whole world, I respect only myself', is not an arrogant statement about comparing oneself to others; rather, the phrase tells us that each of us is enough and that nothing about us should be added to, changed, or diminished in any systems. We should just be ourselves.


Buddha also states that the ideal human practice is to affirm oneself through nature/truth regardless of one’s property, status, education, health, or difference.

In accordance with this philosophy, this label intends to support and encourage minorities, particularly those living in urban settings with physical and personal challenges, those facing racial and gender barriers, and those in crisis.



The Pride Parade 2017 at Regent Street, Copyright 2020, London, UK 

Although our collective consciousness is gradually changing by supporting Pride initiatives and the Black Lives Matter movement, modern society is still chaotic - it is not enough for some groups to be widely understood when there are so many other minorities whose issues are overlooked.

All residents of a metropolitan city should have hope in their hearts and a modest smile on their faces, without being compared to or ranked against anyone else, which is reflected in the name of our label: Tenjoh + Tenga Yui-ga Dokson.


Therefore, a portion of the profits from this label’s products will be donated to organizations that support minorities and those that are developing technologies to address the issues faced by minorities.

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